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BIRTH OF Wintech Polysol

Wintech Polysol Pvt. Ltd., is a brain child of like-minded technocrats & businessmen to bridge the gap between the best needs of the industry and cost-effective solution. As the name suggests, Wintech POLYSOL means Winning Technologies + Polymer Solutions.

HISTORY OF Wintech Polysol

We are a team of high profile polymer Engineers,Technocrats & Specialists with an average domain experience of over 25 years. Wintech Polysol Pvt. Ltd., started on May 3rd,2017.

Our mission is to work with our customers closely and connect with them with our standard product offering and develop value added custom polymeric compounds and make performance enhanced parts/components with focus on providing SOLUTIONS that brings TECHNO-COMMERCIAL advantages with use of these compounds/ parts to our customers and end users.


Our VISION is to achieve our MISSION by operating in four Business Verticals i.e Raw Material distribution, Customised compounds, Stock shapes & machined parts, Specialty parts LubripolTM. We will also endeavour to provide “concept to commercialisation” possibilities in polymers and thermoplastic elastomers to our valued customers that would enable them to deliver winning solutions to varied industrial segments from automotive to consumer industry , replacing conventional / non - conventional incumbent materials with our Wintech speciality materials . We will bring the full expertise of our team and also that of our principals and associates to our customers that coud support them in giving better solutions to the end user and the industry.


Director Speak

Welcome to the world of Engineering and super specialty polymers

Our country is at its inflection point as we move from the status of developing nation to a truly developed nation. This is the best moment for the country where the rest of the world sees us as a nation with immense possibility, highly skilled man power, proactive & Industry friendly government, abundant natural resource and so on..

Wintech Polysol is a brain child of a few like-minded individuals with an attitude to provide the best possible solution and world class technology to the doorsteps of our customers and stakeholders.

Built on the fundamentals that would offer winning solutions which are impeccable and truly world class. Over several years of our experience we find, there exist a huge gap between customer’s expectation and providing the right solution which is the best and yet cost effective. At Wintech, we will try and fill/ minimise this gap.

Our four verticals namely 1).“Distributed Products”, 2). “Custom Compounds”, 3). “Stock shapes & machining”, 4). “Custom parts” are the four strong pillars on which the ideology of our organization is built on. In the last one year we have added many products and associated with many leading suppliers for our distributed products verticals and we would be associating with couple of more World’s leading polymer manufacturer as their channel partner in the months to come.

We would invest continuously on our Custom parts vertical which we feel is an extremely unique product. Our high-performance specialty bushes & Bearings named LubripolTM can replace conventional metals such as copper, bronze, gun metal, brass etc., used for bearing application and outperform them interms of overall life with much reduced maintenance cost. LubripolTM products are made with years of R&D with vast experience and knowledge on the application segment.

Lastly, we truly believe that the customer buys a product for the simple self-interest, because of product quality, the guarantees, the salesman ship etc., but, he bonds with us based on emotional disclosure and demonstration of character, values, philosophy & humanity that they respect & identify with. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAKING A LIVING WITH SIMPLE SALES TRANSACTIONS AND CREATING AN EQUITY BY RELATIONSHIPS. This bonding is what we practice and also try to inculcate in our sales & application development team.


Director Speak

Welcome to Wintech Polysol pvt ltd., , The name by itself carries the objectives of this organization , that is adapting /providing /using Winning technologies that can provide best possible solutions to customers in the Polymer field.

Wintech is promoted by professionals, technocrats who have worked with world’s leading polymer companies in Senior leadership position thereby bringing into action the same kind of approach, knowledge and wide experience to their customers with added innovations and local flavour that fulfil customer needs and put them in a Win-Win situation.

Wintech Polysol operates in areas from Raw material supply from International companies and also custom compounds from world’s leading compounded material suppliers, thereby giving access to host of direct raw polymers and demanding custom compounds.

Further, the objective is to bring into India some of the newer super specialty materials like Polyimides, Bismaleaimides, PEEK, Poly Ketones etc., and structural compounds such as Long Fiber filled Thermoplastics and tribologically modified compounds for extreme wear and friction resistance. We truly believe that this expertise in Wintech could bring in immense value to endusers.

The long term plan for the organisation is to build a state-of-the-Art infrastructure and  team of professionals  that has strong domain expertise that would help to expand and get into providing a range of high value added solutions to our customers and stakeholders.

We will keep you updated on the plans as we move on...